Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Blast from the Past - Fashion Doll Wardrobe Item1

Now. When I was taught to knit as a wee lassie I loved to knit dolls clothes and toys. Then I moved on to baby things but never progressed much from there until this year. However even though I have now mastered adult items, a bit of me still holds a soft spot for those tiny fashion doll clothes. So one day on ebay I was looking at patterns and saw a dolls pattern I'd had when I was wee, then another, then another. So I bought a few and have had great fun knitting some up for my own daughters dolls.
This actual feather and fan evening dress I first knitted in white at least twenty years ago and here it is in a rather more contemporary 'heather mixture'. (Little joke there for any Billy Connelly fans out there).

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Penny said...

I had that dress in orange! (Well, Sindy did).