Monday, December 18, 2006

Baby Knits

My cousin had a wee girl this morning (Hello Emily!). These are her presents, each with their own bit of history.

This cardigan is knitted in my late Grans holey pattern, which she first knitted as a twin-set when my Mum started school around 1955. She then went on to knit it for every new baby that came along and as we grew up we had them in navy and grey for school, pale yellow for Easter, pink for the Summer. Round necks, V-necks, Jumpers, tank tops.

My Gran died a few years ago and I have taken it upon myself to continue the tradition. She had written down the pattern on a wee bit paper and I've not been 100% happy with the results so far but with each one I improve the pattern (this is my fourth).

This is a loopy hat, which was my Mums speciality. She died nearly 20 years ago, and this is my first attempt which I'm very pleased with. The colours haven't came out too well on this photo. I'll definitely be making more loopy hats. Love the effect.

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Jinann said...

What a wonderful tradition! The sweater is gorgeous.....and even more precious since the pattern was your gran's.

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