Friday, May 25, 2007

No need to rush out and try to find another ball!

After me worrying about having enough yarn left to complete the wee baby wrap-over top, I made it with a bit to spare. Thank you Bronte for your suggestion about using an alternative yarn to do the edging, if I had run out I would have given that a go.
Here's the completed article:
And a close up detail of the border:

And what was left!

The yarn is Louisa Harding Kashmir DK and the pattern was from Patons 'Sugar & Spice ' Booklet. The pattern was meant for a cotton yarn but I am very pleased with how it's turned out. I still have to add some ribbon ties but haven't bought the ribbon yet. It might be hard to get a decent match as the colour is quite unusual.
Also, while I'm on, here are a couple of finished items that I haven't got round to posting yet.
First the Sirdar Blur Bolero for DD. It took less than one ball to make. I do like Blur, I've made DD a hat out of it before. However, it's a nightmare to rip back when you make a mistake and for some reason, although the Bolero is a very straightforward pattern I kept mucking it up and having to take it back. So I'm glad it's done!

Also - a final picture of my felted bag. Made in Twilleys Freedom Spirit in colourway 'Force'. I'm quite pleased as it was my first felting effort though the flap-over bit turned in a wee bit and felted to itself round the edges. Hopefully it is cunningly disguised by the frill!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Will there be enough?

So last night I weighed the completed sleeve of the baby wrapover cardigan (16g) and weighed my remaining yarn (24g). Knowing I had enough to make the final sleeve I ploughed on and completed it last night. Now I have 8g of yarn to do the borders, which is basically pick up stitches and cast off. So will I have enough.........?

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Monica from Knitty

I'm still on my stash diet and have yet to reach my target where I can buy some more yarn, so am still trying to be inventive with what I already have.

I have had 2 balls of Katia Jamaica for over a year and I didn't have a clue what to do with them. I started to knit a baby cardigan but it just didn't look right, the colours for me were too old for a baby. Then I saw Monica in the Sping edition of Knitty and thought it would be just right.

As you can see it's still not quite warm enough to be wearing it without something underneath, particulary on a breezy Scottish morning. The pattern is very simple and knitted up really quickly. I think it's very effective, and there certainly won't be anyone else wearing the same! I intend to make another one once I can buy some yarn, but am thinking of knitting the frill in a lacy pattern.
I've also completed the wee bolero I'd started in the last post but have yet to take a picture. I'm almost finished the cutest wee baby wrap over cardigan, in Louis Harding Kashmir DK. I still have one sleeve and the borders to do and am worried I won't have enough yarn to complete it. I'll know by the end of the day!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sisters, sisters....

My sister has a knitters condition known as 'Love-to-knit-hate-to-sew'. She appeared for a weeks holiday with me with TWO carrier bags of bits of baby cardigans. Most of which I think were destined for my DD at some point, though now that she's nearl 5 only one of those that she managed to complete fitted her.

So it was a week of sewing up for her, with a wee trip to buy buttons and some more yarn. She did control herself though and didn't knit too much while she was here. Here's some of her completed items.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Photo update

Baby Cardigan in Sirdar Snuggly, Sirdar pattern 3009

Close up of the edging, which is knitted first in a long strip then stitches are picked up to knit the remainder of the back or fronts

2 baby boy hats, both from Sirdar pattern 1711. This pattern has six hats on it, 3 each for boys and girls and I've had a go at them all over the last few months except one of the boys hats. The pink hat is also from this pattern, but maybe a wee bit on the small side for a rather camera shy DD.

Here is the now felted Freedom Spirit Bag, I've made the frill but haven't attached it yet.

Finally I've started a wee bolero for DD in Sirdar Blur pattern 2198. I didn't check my tension and I think it's going to be a bit on the small side. However I have plenty of Blur left to knit it all again.

Phew, now I've caught up I wont leave it so long again.