Thursday, January 12, 2012

Felt Daft

I don't have a picture of my felted bag today but I do have a picture of another felted project. Two years ago I took part in an International Yarn Swap on Ravelry and received a lovely package from Norway.

International Swap from Norway

The hat pattern is a traditional Norwegian design and there was enough yarn to make two hats, one for each of my twins. I quickly cast on and completed the knitting of one very quickly. Then it sat and the bottom of my knitting bag, unsewn and not felted.

My New Years Resolution is to finish off any WIPs before I start any new ones, so this was an easy one to finish off as no knitting was required. After sewing it looked like this

Norway Hat 2

After washing in the machine on a 60 minute, 40 degree wash with a pair of jeans for company, shaped and left to dry overnight it looks like this:

Norway Elf Hat 2
Norway Elf Hat1

She loves it!

I feel a sense of acheivement as another item is complete, and I also remembered how much fun these swaps can be so I've signed up for the next one!

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Littlelou said...

Hat looks does little missy