Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Back to the blogging!

Well it's 2012 and I have not blogged for years.....

Knitting has happened and I have tended to keep track of my projects over at my project page on Ravelry but for 2012 I thought I'd dip my toe back into blogging to keep a more detailed account of my endeavours.

To start the year the way I mean to continue I have began to clear out my knitting stuff. Though I haven't yet thrown away very much I have came across a number of unfinished projects that I have vowed to finish before I begin anything new. They are.....

1) Fingerless gloves in Rico Poems. One is complete but not sewn up, have yet to start the other.

2) Kids hat which needs sewn up and felted. The wool and pattern were given to me as part of an international swap on Ravelry and came all the way from Norway, it's a traditional design and I hope it still fits one of my twins once it's felted!

3) A knitted tunic dress, which I started for my older daughter in 2007! I got fed up as the pattern was confusing me but I reckon I could work it out now, just in time for my younger daughter to fit into it.

4) A garter stitch shawl, which again I acquired through an international swap. This time from the USA, the poor shawl has been finished for ages waiting for the ends to be woven in and blocked.

I also have a Baby Surprise Jacket waiting on buttons, a baby cardigan waiting on snap fasteners and a felted handbag which is drying as I speak then will need a fastener.

So....lots to be getting on with before I embark on some new projects, of which there are many bubbling away. Like many other knitters at this time of year I am intending to not buy any more yarn this year until I use up that which I already own. But we shall see.

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