Thursday, August 16, 2007


Wow that's a big gap between posts. A combination of not taking photos, can't be bothered writing and thinking there was nothing to report. However now I have so much to update I'll have to do it in more than one post. Lets look at the latest acquisitions.
Having reached my target of losing a stone I went daft buying yarn. These are some of the additions to my stash:
From the pink clockwise -
150g Merino pink superwash, 150g Blue face Leicester DK, 2 x Regia Sock Yarn, 2 skeins Debbie Bliss Pure Silk, 2 x Jamiesons Ultra, 2 x Rowan cotton 4 ply

4 mini skeins of merino & alpaca from Hipknits. I also got a copy of their new Starstruck Shawl pattern to use up some lace weight silk I have.
A prize from the lovely Bronte which I won simply by leaving a message on her blog to commemorate her 'blogiversary'. Its Malabrigo Purple Mystery and its even more purple in real life. I love it.
I also have 4 (count them) WIPs, which is unheard of. I like to complete something before starting the next project so I'm not quite sure how I got myself in such a state. More details of the 4 (4!!!) in the next post.

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Kathleen said...

Beautiful acquisitions. Enjoy using them up.