Thursday, June 21, 2007

First Target reached!

I have met the first target on my self-imposed stash diet!

Way back in March I decided to not buy any more yarn until I lost two stone. Very quickly I re-assessed that target to one stone, to make it a bit more achievable. Which is just as well as it's taken me THREE MONTHS to lose my first stone. This last week I have had a bit of help as I enrolled in a trial programme at my local pharmacy, which involves going each week for five weeks, then fortnightly for the next ten. Lots of healthy eating advice and NO DIETS. I had my weigh-in this morning and had lost 3 kilograms which takes me nicely to my target.

So pass the credit card till I get me some yarn.......not quite. I have decided to wait till after my weigh-in next week to see that I have maintained the loss before allowing myself to make any purchases. It'll give me time to have a browse through my patterns and decided what i want to make next.

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