Sunday, February 04, 2007

What to do with leftover sock yarn....

I have been tidying up my knitting paraphenalia and came across some leftover sock wool, from my first ever (and only ones so far) pair of socks. I was reluctant to bin it, as it had been a Christmas present, so I made this rather fetching ensemble for my DDs doll:
The hat looks a bit wild, but this particular doll has one hell of a head of hair under there.

Also, I came across two bonnets that I made a couple of weeks ago, in an attempt to reduce my stash. They're homeless at the moment, so I'll keep them till a wee girl baby comes along. I was a bit over zealous when pressing the feather and fan one, and have flattened it a fair bit along the edge. Needless to say I haven't bothered with pressing the second one yet.
Also this week I got my copy of Rowan Magazine (41) and spent a nice half hour with a cup of tea reading through it. This is only the second copy of the magazine I've had and I really like it. I loved loads of the patterns in Rowan 40 but never got round to knitting any of them. I always associate knitted things with Autumn/Winter or babies so it was inspiring to look through a magazine of knitted things for Spring/Summer. I'm not saying I'll knit any of the items in there either as I have a to-do list that is massive, but I thoroughly enjoy the magazine and will keep buying it.
Other excitement this week is that I have signed up for a Secret Pal gift giving on the Angel Yarns Forum. We have been assigned a Secret Pal to buy a knitting gift for, up to the value of £20. I have been busy reading all my Secret Pals previous posts to see what she likes and have already made some purchases. Not saying any more till she gets the gift!


Bronte said...

Cute bonnets! I love tiny baby clothes. 'Scuse me poking my nose in, but do be careful pressing them if they're acrylic. It really doesn't suit being ironed!

And the Barbie outfit is divine! Bet all the other dolls are jealous as anything. :-)

Penny said...

It's definately a colourful dress! I wonder when we'll be seeing the Vivienne Westwood version on the catwalks.

Isobel said...

Very sweet baby bonnets, for a very special little girl when she comes along. Love the Barbie outfit, sure your daughter thinks it's great.