Monday, February 19, 2007

Another week, another hat.....

This is another hat for DD, made in Sirdar Luxury Soft Cotton purchased on my travels last week. Very nice yarn to work with.
As the bathroom was (and still is) a work in progress we hot-footed it to my Uncles in Peebles for a few days last week. Veitch's department store is closing down and they had a sale - 30% off all yarn. So I got 5 balls of Wendy Fusion - 3 blue/green colourway and 2 juniper berry - and a ball of Sirdar Blur which is destined to become yet another hat for DD. The closing down sale has been on for a fortnight and the shelves were decimated. There was one woman came in and was nearly crying at the thought of losing her wool shop. It's great that there's loads of online wool suppliers now, but nothing beats going into a shop and having a fondle!
I came away from Peebles with a carrier bag and a half of yarn from my Auntie Christine, a right mix of baby yarn and very bright acrylics. So that's it - I'm not buying anymore yarn till I make inroads into what I have already.
In progress at the moment is a polo neck jumper for DD in Sirdar Bonus Flash. It's knitting up really quickly but no photo yet.
I'm also keenly waiting on my Springtime Santa gift from my Secret Pal from the Angel Yarns forum. Lots of people have been posting what they've received and there's been some lovely parcels.

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Lothlorian said...

is veitchs in peebels????? *gets excited* I live very near peebles so want to know if its worth a visit!!!

DD hat is seriously cute!