Friday, May 25, 2007

No need to rush out and try to find another ball!

After me worrying about having enough yarn left to complete the wee baby wrap-over top, I made it with a bit to spare. Thank you Bronte for your suggestion about using an alternative yarn to do the edging, if I had run out I would have given that a go.
Here's the completed article:
And a close up detail of the border:

And what was left!

The yarn is Louisa Harding Kashmir DK and the pattern was from Patons 'Sugar & Spice ' Booklet. The pattern was meant for a cotton yarn but I am very pleased with how it's turned out. I still have to add some ribbon ties but haven't bought the ribbon yet. It might be hard to get a decent match as the colour is quite unusual.
Also, while I'm on, here are a couple of finished items that I haven't got round to posting yet.
First the Sirdar Blur Bolero for DD. It took less than one ball to make. I do like Blur, I've made DD a hat out of it before. However, it's a nightmare to rip back when you make a mistake and for some reason, although the Bolero is a very straightforward pattern I kept mucking it up and having to take it back. So I'm glad it's done!

Also - a final picture of my felted bag. Made in Twilleys Freedom Spirit in colourway 'Force'. I'm quite pleased as it was my first felting effort though the flap-over bit turned in a wee bit and felted to itself round the edges. Hopefully it is cunningly disguised by the frill!

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Bronte said...

Phew! Talk about cutting it fine! :-)

It's a gorgeous little cardigan. The yarn is gorgeous - I have some of the aran version to do something with.