Monday, April 30, 2007

First Felt

Have not updated for ages so here goes. One pic today, the rest tomorrow!

STASH DIET UPDATE. To date I have lost 12 pounds so am still 2 pounds away from my first stone (14 lbs), the point where I can buy some more yarn. So I am still knitting from stash, which is great for the corner of the bedroom where it is all kept but I am beginning to crave a shopping spree. Hopefully over the next week or so I'll get there.
I've made a 6-12 month lacy cardigan in Sirdar Snuggly, 2 first size baby boys hat in some unlabelled acrylic stuff, a hat for DD in Jaeger Baby Merino and have almost completed a felted bag in Twilleys of Stamford Freedom Spirit with the remainder of the yarn I got during the Angel Yarns Forum Springtime Secret Santa, from Bronte.

Here is a pic prior to felting -

It measured roughly 12" x 12". I popped it in a pillow case and put it in the machine on a 40 degree 29 minutes wash with a pair of jeans. I wasn't too impressed when it came out so put it all back in again on a 60 degree wash for the same time. I'm much happier with the result so far. Tonight I am going to add the decorative frill, which isn't felted and will post a finished article picture soon. I've never felted anything before so it's all very exciting.

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