Monday, March 05, 2007


Lots to update today as I haven't posted for a while.
First FO is the pink tie-front cardi I started ages ago for DD. Finally got it finished the other weekend. As it's in hand dyed sock yarn there is quite a variation on the tie at the front. I've read when using hand dyed yarn you are supposed to alternate every few rows between skeins. However, the tie was 95cm on 17 stitches and I couldn't face fiddling about. I quite like the variation anyway. Adds to its uniqueness.
Next is a polo neck, also for DD. Knitted in Sirdar Bonus Flash, I had great difiiculty with the polo, as the cast off edge was far too tight. I ripped it back and cast it off very loosely but it was still too tight to go over her head. Now normally I would have lost patience and relegated it to the bottom of the knitting back but for some reason I persevered. I did a row increasing in all the knit stitiches in the rib, then a normal rib row, then a yfwd K1 on all the knit stitches then cast off. The result gave a wavy/lacy edge to the cast off which I am very pleased with.
I got the pattern for the polo in a local charity shop. They have a folder of patterns for 5p each. Here are some more I bought:
I started on the fairisle mittens on the middle pattern. It's my first attempt at Fairisle and I've now finished one of the mittens but am having a break before doing the second. The thumb is knitted seperately then sewn on, which looks a bit clumsy I think. I've not got a photo of the mitt complete, but here's a pic of my ealry progress:
So now I've cast on Branching Out with some gorgeous purply 2 ply from Posh Yarns.
I've done one pattern repeat so far and it looks lovely. Pics to follow in a few days.


Put a Sock in it said...

Oh... I love that Fairisle mitt! What beautifully even knitting.

Bronte said...

THe tie front cardigan is gorgeous. I'd love one myself! :-)