Monday, January 08, 2007

Finished Things

So I have completed my first ever pair of socks and.....have no inclination to do another pair at the moment! Which surprised me, as I keep reading on various blogs and forums that once you knit one pair that's you addicted for life. Have a look at Hawkesley - did first pair in April last year and has since knitted 20 pairs according to her last post. Maybe I am immune?

Also since last post I have knitted up my Wendy Fusion into this Magknits scarf. The yarn is really soft and you never know which colour is coming next, or how much of it you're going to have. I quite like the unpredictability of it. However, I probably didn't pick the best pattern to show it off as it uses short rows. Sometimes the colour change was a bit too drastic as this photo shows:
See the big pink bit that looks like a dotted line? Don't like it! But when the colour change worked it look pretty:
Here's the whole scarf:
I'd definitely knit with the Fusion again, and I will knit this pattern again. Just maybe not together.

Thanks to Bronte for pointing out that the lovely wool I bought to knit myself a felted bag won't felt. Just when I think I know what I'm doing! So any ideas for what to do with my 4 lovely balls of Rowan DK would be much appreciated!

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Kathleen said...

Hi, just chanced upon your blog via the Scottish Knitters' ring. I have used Fusion before too, for a scarf for a young relative, I was pleasantly surprised with it. By the looks of it I used the same colour as you - Juniper Berries. Your scarf looks lovely.